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This time of the year, the skin becomes sensitive to the fall weather. The skin is exhausted from UV rays, lack of moisture and high temperature during the summer. What it desperately needs is rest. But, before we could welcome the cool breeze beating the hot weather, our skin be comes dry and drained again because of the dry air and huge temperature range, which seems to hit all of a sudden.

At this rate, the skin can never recover its strength and it tends to slip into the path of rapid aging, involving wrinkles, loss of firmness and dead skin cells. To break away from this troublesome spectrum of skin aging repeated every year, we need to check our everyday skincare routine first. replace aged collagen that’s no longer fit for the intended purpose of keeping the skin firm with young and youthful collagen and recharge the energy of the skin consumed in the course of getting adjusted to seasonal changes.

A light self-massage can energize the skin again. The solution lies in regular living habits as well.

Laneige Time Freeze Anti Aging Trio Set

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Laneige Time Freeze Anti Aging Trio Set is available for purchase in increments of 1
Time Freeze Anti Aging Trio Set